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          Each of these documents archive the ephemeral occurrence of rain. Cultures all over the world wait for the rain. I was born in a thunderstorm and have always been drawn to it. This series embraces both the accidental and manipulated as nature leaves its mark. Allowing forces of nature to speak to us through the rain seems important in a quickly changing climate. Marking the subtle and drastic is pastoral, celebratory and untamed.

          Using a 19th century photographic process called the cyanotype I’m able to capture sunlight and rain on a chemically coated surface. There’s a meditative quality to the images, a resolution and stillness I am searching for; one that can only be found in the willingness to seek. By allowing myself to swallow the uncertainty, I step into trusting my intuition to introduce me to source. Finding this spirit and sitting in its company allows me to keep my art live and well and welcome in its insights.

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